Pelican Vortex Kayak

What do people do when they aren't running? No really??

When their calves hurt and they are foam rolling in their house looking out the window at the beautiful sky and wishing they were on a trail somewhere magical with their bug spray and their dog?

Well, kayaking is a great option. A reason to get outdoors, be near the water (or in the water if you lack the talent of balance), and soak up the summer sun. After renting kayaks for a couple years from my amazing friends on the lake, Paddle-N-More, I decided it might be time to invest in a beginner kayak of my own.

After some research, I decided on the Pelican Vortex DLX80 and headed over to pick it up from Dick's Sporting Goods. I really decided on this kayak for one major reason: it fits in my car. And if you knew what kind of car I had, you would agree it's some kind of miracle. I've had people watch in awe as I pick it up and toss it in my hatchback. It's pretty funny. At less than 8ft it takes two seconds to load. And it's lightweight. Like 28lbs lightweight. A killer combination that makes going out for a paddle the EASIEST thing ever.

So after my major concerns of transportation were addressed, I headed out to the lake to test the waters. It's a sit-in kayak with a surprisingly comfortable design considering it's a molded seat with a cushioned back rest. Getting in was no problem and it didn't feel "tippy" at all - all good things so far!

Paddling out was easy and the kayak tracked very well considering how short it is. Keeping in mind I am on Cayuga Lake and the closest thing to a wave is a boat wake. I would say the Pelican Vortex was very easy to maneuver and I never had any trouble so far, even during a six-mile adventure the other day.

Exiting the water is easy because (again) it weighs practically nothing. There is a drain plug to  get out any water that you might have splashed in. Then just dry it off, toss it back in the car, and that's it!

Cons? Well, I wouldn't take this thing white water rafting that's for sure. And after ocean kayaking in a sit-on-top, I am not sure I would take it out in the deep blue sea, either. The kayak doesn't have any foot pegs, which is the only real complaint I have. But for an inexpensive beginner boat that isn't a b*tch to transport....the Pelican Vortex kicks ass.