I Love Injinji Toe Socks!

This is probably the one thing I cannot run without! When I first started running I would get blisters.  I would get blisters on the tips of my toes, on the arch of my foot, and even some under my toe nails. YUCK! I tried different shoes, different socks, and even got fitted for shoes at my local running store, Finger Lakes Running & Tri. I got foot powder to put on my feet, in my socks and in my shoes when I ran. I thought I had tried everything and was just prone to blisters. This was until my feet where changed forever after a suggestion by a fellow runner.

After a group run at the running store I had planned to meet up with a fellow runner and Facebook friend for lunch and a drink. I didn’t really know her but we had met once at a race and both run. My biggest suggestion for anyone new to running is go to your local store, talk with people, and get involved. Everyone there loves running and talking about it. You will be able to gain a wealth of information from just being social!! Chances are if you are having a problem like blisters they have had it too.

During lunch our conversation shifted to my blisters because I was obsessed with finding a solution. What else is appropriate lunch conversation? This was the moment she slipped off her shoe and pointed to her injinji toes socks. I was shocked that someone would want to run with something between their toes and they looked so weird. Around this time the 5 finger shoes were popular and I just couldn’t get behind them. But toe socks in none toe shoes? What an interesting idea. My friend stated that since she made the switch to toe socks she hasn’t had any problems with blisters. Immediately after lunch I went to the Finger Lakes Running & Tri store to get a pair, and from my first run in toe socks I was hooked.

I first got a few pairs of the light weight running injinji socks, and ran exclusively in these for about 6 to 8 months. Then I started to run low on socks because I lost 2 right socks, so I had multiple left socks. Who knows how this happened, I just started to wear one sock inside out.  It worked at 5:45 in the morning! Finally, I went to get some more. The store was sold old out of my sock! What will I do? So I got the trail injinji socks. At first, I thought they would be hot because my ankle needs to breath to be cooler but these are even better then the light weight socks. The trail socks are a bit thicker and give a lot more cushion. I love the injinji socks because they fit well, the toes in the socks are not too long, the arch isn’t loose and I rarely get blisters! I tried barre for the first time this past winter and even got the toeless toe socks for barre!

Don't judge!

Don't judge!

I must also confess I occasionally after a run don’t want to take my socks off. You might see me on my way to yoga sporting injinji socks and keens. Yeah my former diva is cringing but when your feet and calves are tired this just feels right! PS I live in Ithaca, this is normal here, not sure if I could pull it off anywhere else.

Run and have happy feet!