Are you Ever Exploring?

Ever exploring doesn’t always have to be traveling or a grand trip. You can constantly be ever exploring the town you live in, a new book, a new cooking ingredient, or an afternoon meditation.  Are you Ever Exploring? Tag us on instagram #EverExploring #EverExploringGirls

Meet Ashley!

Ashley has an innate desire to live a life that is full of experiences and to break free of the ordinary. This desire has lead her in many different directions literally, after moving around the country from the beaches in Florida to the big sky of Montana she finally settled down in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York.  Since moving to Ithaca a passion for trail running was formed. Although trail running is Ashley's favorite and most consuming interest she tries not to discriminate against her other hobbies such as yoga, skiing, backpacking, cooking, kayaking, natural health, jewelry making, and all things having FUN!  Ashley is a brand ambassador for Finger Lakes Running & Triathlon and loves being a part of the awesome running community in Ithaca. She is also a sucker for motivational mantras and loves putting a positive spin on everything! If you have any good mantras we would love to hear them!

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Meet Kristy!

Kristy's love of traveling and exploring sparked after graduating college and moving to Southern California. She loved running on the strand along the Pacific Ocean (with 10,000 other people), hiking beautiful cliffside trails (to return to her car with a parking ticket), and eating amazing local food (which In-N-Out Burger counts towards, right?). Ok, really things started to click with health, fitness and happiness after moving back to her home state of New York to the Finger Lakes Region. It was all half marathons, and happiness from there. Outside of running the beautiful local trails, Kristy can usually be found kayaking, swimming, hiking, fishing, and drinking beer. Recently she has tried Ashley's home made deodorant and thinks it's great. 

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