Ashley's Amazing Applesauce

After Labor Day everyone in the Northeast are in full fledge fall mode. Most people start to become pumpkin spice crazy, but for me it is apple season. I love apples! This will be the first of many apple recipes to come this season. 

Since this is the beginning of fall and still nice out we take the kayak over to the world famous Ithaca Farmer's Market for some apples from Black Diamond Farm. This is the first step to the apple recipe. Don't use the same kind of apples. Get tart apples, sweet apples, crisp apples, and soft apples, try at least one of every apple they have at the stand! This is the fun part!  


8ish medium to large apples 

Splash of water

1/4 cup lemon juice

1/2 tsp. graded fresh ginger

1/2 tsp. cinnamon

1-tablespoon brown sugar (optional depending on apple)


Cut and peel all the apples. Go ahead and taste a chunk of each different apple. I say 8ish for the ingredients but I typically add as many as will fit in the pot. Followed by add the lemon juice and just a splash of water. Cook over low to medium heat. Stir frequently.  When most of the apples are soft and it is about half done add the cinnamon and fresh ginger. After all the apples have become sauce try a bit to see if adding the sugar is even needed. Now is where the magic happens. Remove half the chunky applesauce; use a stink blender until smooth. Then add the chunky sauce to the smooth sauce and you have the best of both worlds! Bam! Now the hard part, let the applesauce cool so you don't burn the shit out of your tongue. After it has cooled enjoy! 

Delicious hot, cold, on toast, over ice-cream, or even standing on your head! 

Happy Apple Season!