It’s a Family Affair

Since my running love affair started I have gotten every one of my immediate family members to run with me. Just trying to share the love...

First victim to hop on board and run with me is Kendra, while not technically immediate family she has been on enough family vacations to count. We sign up for the Vino and the Beast 5k. We were also able to talk another friend into joining us, mostly because it is at a winery. This is a fun race with obstacles and wine along the way. The day of the run was an extremely hot hot hot August day in upstate NY. We start the race out with a wine shot then we are off on thru a cornfield over some obstacles and finally into a pond then over the finish line. The pond part I may skip next time, jumping into a freezing cold pond after a hot run is not my idea of fun! It was a shock to my system and legs cramped up! After finishing the race we hung around for some wine tasting and beer because what would a finish line be without a celebratory drink? I always tell myself I want to run this race again because it is super fun but have not been back yet.

Second victim is my mom. She is such an inspiration. Prior to signing up for a 5k with me she had knee replacement surgery. Determined not to let this surgery redefine her life she signed up for the Flying Pirate 5k with me. This would also be my first official ½ marathon. I did the double dare challenge of a 5k on Saturday and a ½ marathon on Sunday. Why not for a first? Every year since moving back to the East Coast I spend one weekend with my mom. We went out to dinner, we ran, we got our toes in the sand, this is also my first introduction to a runcation and I am hooked! To this day my mom is still the most willing participant in races. Not sure if this is because she likes to spend time with me or because she likes to run 5ks, either way  I'll take it!

My poor husband was signed up for the Trick-or-Trot 5k without even knowing. This is due to a pushy friend of mine who also signed her husband up without him knowing. Opps! Sorry guys! But now the good news is that this race is around Halloween so we get to dress up! Matching outfits, jackpot! Being the spicy couple we are, why not dress up as Sriracha? Yum.  Garrett gets 3rd in his age group! While he has not caught the running bug from me (yet) he will occasional humor me by signing up for a 5k. 

In his normal non-committal ‘we will see’ manner I got my dad to reluctantly confirm to be at a certain place at a certain time with me. Ha-ha sucker! We ran the Fools Run in Indiana; this run will always have a special place in my heart because it is the first and only race I have ever place in. Woot Woot it was some nice padding to my ego, even if I will never place in a local run with the speedy Ithacans. At this race my dad starts to understand my love for running is also increase by an awesome running community and the comradery of races. My dad place 3rd in his age group without training!  Post race we hang out with my dad’s friend who also ran for some beers and fries at Culpeppers.

Finally after many asks and a bit of bribery my mom and I talked my sister into running a 5k. This 5k had to be accompanied with a trip to the beach so we signed up for the flying pirate again.  With a little bit of training and a lot of complaining my sister crossed the finish line. When she does I spot something I have not seen in many years; a true un-inhibited smile and pride come across my sister’s face. I am reminded why I love running so much once again. I also realize while my sister and I have not always had the best relationship that running has brought us together. The next day my mom and sister selflessly hauls their butt out of bed to watch me cross the finish line of the half marathon and then attend the celebration party at the end with some beers, laughs, and many smiles. Even though I will never run another race with my sister I know there will not be a race or a run that I don't think about her.    

Watch out Alex, you are the next one I will sucker into running with me.