Older than 50k

I know we have been hibernating for the winter but what better way to come out of hibernation then a post on running. On March 25 I made the trip to Blain, PA to run my age in miles. I chose a fat ass run put on by a lovely gentleman by the name of Don, mainly because it wasn't far to travel and it was the day after I turned 32. 

Luckily I have a friend that lives about 45 mins away from the start I was able to stay with. We roll in around 8:00 pm, determined to feel refreshed for my run I only have one beer while waiting on the most amazing dinner. Having only 1 beer on your birthday is pretty a hard task but I knew tomorrow I have a much harder task in front of me. Dinner was made of pasta with avocado pesto and grilled chicken, being a very very sweet friend this meal was well planned and the best thing I could eat before a race. 

Tuscarora 50K starts at Big Springs State Forest. My non-running friends are incredible supportive and offer to drive me to the race because they want to see the crazy people who do these things with me.  After a pre-race speech by Don who was wearing bunny ears (yeah my non-running friends are very entertained) I shuffle to the back of the pack and the race is off. 

The beginning of the race is a bit rocky and wet. After about 3 miles I strip of my long sleeve shirt since this is an unseasonable warm day. Around 5 miles in I fall in line with a group of runners wearing luna sandals. Yeah these are the crazy people my non-running friend wanted to see, but I love their pace and listening to their chatting keeps me tagging along after them. By the time I make it to the first aid station these are my new friends. I inform them I am now part of their group and they welcome me with open arms. The group consisted of Patrick, Josh, Tony, and Brittany.  All except for Brittany are seasoned ultra runners, Brittany is also training for her first 50 miler. We creep along at a steady snails pace, at some points I could go faster but running with friends is better than running alone. This race has some rather long hills, all of which killed me. By mile 21 my stomach was not happy. Oh no...I still had 11 more miles. I struggle; my new friends check in, I smile and say, "I've felt better" but keep moving. Patrick offers me a salt tab, well I'm in the middle of the woods...why not take a strange white pill from a stranger? By the time I take the salt tab I believe the damage is already done, it does nothing. I keep telling myself it will get better, but it never does. I am beyond happy to have my new friends with me at this point. I walk the majority of the remaining 10 miles of the race, and then take a victory lap around the parking lot to make 32. My new friends and I are some of the last finisher but who cares about time, I made some good friends. 

Yes I ran my age. Who says getting old has to be bad? Every year older is another year I am happy to be alive. Will I make running my age a tradition? No, but I can say I did it.

I take the drive home to lick my wounds and try to heal my stomach. Then a quick shower and out for dinner and drinks.