The other side of the finish line

Skunk cabbage classic is the first big race in Ithaca of the spring therefor every loves to participate. It was recommended by my physical therapist that I sit this one out; I feel I must obey despite my desire to run.

For the past 2 years I volunteer at packet pick up at the Finger Lakes Running and Tri store. I love to volunteer for this because I get to see all my running friends and everyone is excited for what is typical their first race of the season.  Volunteering at local races is a wonderful way to meet fellow runners and support your running community. I make it a point to volunteer for at least one local race and suggest you do the same!

For this race I had a friend from visiting Pittsburgh for this race, we were suppose to run together. She was very gracious and didn’t mind at all that I was unable to run. This is her first half marathon scheduled in accordance with your training plan for the Pittsburgh Marathon. She is a total rock star/badass to sign up for a marathon before even completing a half. Go Meagan!

This is an extremely cold weekend and I am actually not too sad to be on the other side of the finish line. It actually snowed the day before the race, and snowed A LOT! I wake up early to help Meagan organize her stuff, which is a joke. The night before she lays out all necessary items and even preps her after race smoothie.  Kristy on the other hand is not much for the prepping, as you may know from reading previous posts. She arrives at the house, I make her a smoothie to help counter act the pizza and beer from the night before at Ithaca Beer Co. We discuss what to wear, Kristy forgot a jacket. Luckily she has a great boyfriend to deliver said jacket to the house. Now we are ready to head to Barton Hall for the beginning of the race. Take a bag to carry all discarded jackets at the start line. This is hard work carrying all these jackets and my coffee. I cheer everyone over the start line, look around at my non-running friends and decide to go for breakfast.

Our typical brunch spot is a bit too far so we test out a new breakfast spot, waffle frolic.  How have I lived in Ithaca and never made it here!?! This place is amazing! I order a hemp milk late, buckwheat and hemp waffle, with almond butter and strawberries. This waffle was mind blowing! Now a must stop on Ashley's Ithaca tour. Only thing that could make this place better is mimosa. After indulging in as much waffles as I could eat (about 1 and 1/3) we head back other to the race to watch the finish line festivities.

I love watching the finish line at any race. This is one of the most magical places on earth. If you ever want to get motivated to do anything in life just watch the finish line of a race. I stand by the finish line and wait to Meagan to finish. I almost missed her because I forgot she put a blue jacket on, I was looking for a grey shit she had under the jacket. Opps, from now on I will take a picture of my friends I am waiting for at the finish line.  I cheer Meagan over the finish line! Super stoked to be there to take some pictures of her finishing her first half marathon. Meagan goes in to change I wait around to watch Kristy finish; now I remember what she is wearing. I see her off in the distance I start to cheer her over the finish line, Kristy always frolics over every finish line and this one she tried to sneak out of but with some encouragement she frolics.

I may not be crossing that finish line today but the next best thing is watching your friends conquer a race!