Easy livin' on Cayuga Lake

This original plan for the weekend was along the Allegheny river at my family's cabin but do to some work scheduling conflicts that trip was canceled.  I do have some awesome friends that came thru and salvaged our trip by finding a lake house to rent. Weekend saved! The lake house is only an hour away in Cayuga, NY. Jackpot! 

Got out of work on Friday after a long week that was a bit stressful due to a skunk intruder in my house. Yes in my house! Didn't know I should hang a no trespassing sign on my dog door. Things happen so this was defiantly a welcome trip.  Made the drive up Route 89 while jamming out to my newest download album Tribute to Sublime. This is some good stuff,  how have I spend 30 years without hearing No Doubts' version of Djs? 

I arrive around 3:30 with enough time to hang out on the dock and go for a swim before dinner. I start to understand the glory of one hour drive. After grilling some food we warmed up by a fire before heading to bed early. 

A morning run is a great way to orient yourself with the town your staying in. During my run I stumble along a cute little park, Harris Park that is right along the Lake.  To my surprise I also find a trailhead, woot woot. I am happy to have some softer surface under my feet. My calves have been extremely sore and killing me for about 2 weeks. It is obvious by the amount of pricker bushes grazing my legs this trail doesn't get much use except for some deer I startle. 

I make it back to the lake house with perfect timing to pop some scones in the oven.  I made a mix to go so all I have to add are some fresh blueberries, milk and an egg. After a shower the scones are ready to come out of the oven and onto the dock for some breakfast lakeside. 

What would a weekend at a lake house in the Finger Lakes be without a trip to a winery. Off to the closest winery, The Apple Station Winery we tasted some fun fusion blends of apple wines and grape wines. I love the options for sparkling wines, after the tasting we walked about the winery to discover a large banquet room. I would love to go back to this winery in the fall during apple season. 

The rest of the afternoon was filled with fishing, swimming, sun bathing, and even some canoeing. After dinner when the sun was setting the lake was calling my name. I put my swimmies on and jumped in. I would like to say I jumped in but I am not a water person, so it was more like a tiptoe in. The beauty of this sun melting over the horizon with my toes in the mud is a perfect summer night.