Getting beachy in York, Maine

Lobster roll, please? 

College reunions are fun. When you think college reunion, you probably think solo cups, crowded bars, and a chance to hate yourself in the morning with a hangover and some leftover pizza. But somehow, I got lucky enough to score some amazing friends - and we did the opposite. We all ventured out to the beautiful costal town of York, Maine. About an hour from Portland, this quiet little vacation town was far from the crazyniess of it's neightboring big-brother. It was a town full of ice cream shoppes, fresh seafood, arcades, and blue crashing waves. It's a town that goes to bed at 9am.

That's not to say that we went to bed at 9pm...we did not. Here's what WE did.

After a backroad drive through Vermont and Maine, we purposely avoided the interstate in search of better things - namely, amazing local breweries. I'll save those for another post. When we finally arrived at the beach house in York, I dropped my stuff and was immediately searching for one thing....a lobster roll. We walked a few steps down the street to the Union Bluff Hotel. From the outside, it looks like a proper New England mansion. But step inside and find an amazing, friendly bar with free popcorn, and beer in plastic cups. Not at all what I expected! We sat outside and I sipped my Maine Lunch IPA out of a plastic cup wile laughing with old friends and listening to the waves crash.

The next day was full of grilling and beaching. Sadly, I had never been to Maine before and had no idea what to expect in terms of water temp. It was about 10*F, and that's still probably too warm. But that's ok - the sun was shining and the setting was beautiful.

So like I mentioned, when nighttime rolls around in York, people tend to retreat to their vacation homes for a good night sleep. We were lucky enough to find a great bar only a few steps from our house called The Inn on the Blues. We admittedly spent every night here. Two floors of music, this open-air space had tons of room for our group to grab a table and chill, or hit the dance floor. And another great thing about this spot? was next door to an arcade.

Yeah, we're twentysomethings. But take me to the arcade and I am going ton win so. Many. Tickets. So many that my friends made me give them to a young child because apparently they didn't think I needed a stuffed lobster, vampire teeth, and 37 laffy taffys. sigh.

Our final night we set up the group outside at yet another great restaurant and hacked in to some more amazing Maine lobster and had the best view anyone could ask for.

A perfect week with amazing friends.

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